Tuesday, March 12, 2019

God Loves Used Toys

God told me, "My child, I loved used toys...."

We’ve heard of the expression, “Broken crayons still color.” God just pressed on my heart that He loves playing with used toys.

The fear of judgment will often pressure us into thinking we have to have it all together. That we must be perfect. But God says others cannot see His glory whenever you put up that front.

God says He loves the fact that you’re a used toy. You’ve been married before? God says, “I can work with that divorce.” You engaged in premarital sex? God says “I can work with your used body.” 

God says, “Give me your mess. Give me your flaws because I love playing with used things.” The very things people use to write us off will be the very things God uses to lift us up. 

Stop trying to hide behind the mask of perfection. God gets the glory when we’re transparent with the fact that we’re imperfect and yet God still loves us. God still plays with us.

God can use used toys, we just have to let Him.

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